Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feb. 12 Annoucements

Here are few announcements:
  • There is NO D-Team practice this week due to the Midwest NASTAR Championships.  We are encouraging D-Team families to participate in this event or maybe come for free-skiing.  If you still need to register, please do so online or in person by Friday in the Vista Room.
  •  Saturday coach George Haun will not be able to coach for the remainder of this season.  "Coach" had minor surgery this past week but he is ok and has been told that he needs to take the rest of this season off
  • We will have Open NASTAR timing set-up for all D-Team racers and their family members for the last weekend of practice on Feb. 21st and 22nd.  There will be 2 courses set up with timing on both Lookout and Fowl Play.  On Lookout, we will have a stubble slalom course and a full gate GS course.  On Fowl Play, both courses will be stubbies.  On Saturday, this will run from 12pm-2pm; on Sunday, this will also run from 12pm-2pm.  There will be a charge of $5 per person which will get you unlimited runs on all the timed courses.  All current D-Team racers are FREE.  If your son/daughter has told you that they are faster than you!  This is your chance to prove them wrong!  This should be a fun way to end the season before the final weekend and the D-Team championship races.   Those who would like to race on the final weekend will need to register in the Vista Room (old ski shop upstairs). Those who pay $5 will be entered into a drawing for several prizes that I have secured from the Welch Village Ski Shop!  

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