Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015/16 Picnic, D-Team Race Schedule, Dry-land training

Good morning D-Team families! 

The annual MSDL meeting took place at Afton Alps last night and we put together the 2015/16 race schedule.  Why wait until the fall to share this information with you?  So here it is...

Saturday Program Race Schedule:
Jan. 23 @ Wild Mountain
Feb. 6 @ Afton Alps
Feb. 20 @ Trollhaugen
Mar. 5th - Championship Race at Welch Village

Sunday Program Race Schedule:
Jan. 24 @ Trollhaugen
Feb. 7 @ Afton Alps
Feb. 21 @ Buck Hill
Mar. 6th - Championship Race at Welch Village

Also, please put Saturday, Sept. 26th on your calendar for our annual D-Team Picnic.  We will again be offering a ski boot program this year and will have staff present in our ski shop to size boots for all of the kids during the picnic.  More details on this event later this summer.

Finally, some of the coaches and I are considering a couple dryland training events on a few fall and maybe even summer weekends.  These would be free of charge simple gatherings here at Welch Village and would include things like biking on the Cannon Valley Trail, hiking/trail running on the hills, Slack-line, Slant-board training etc.  At the very least, it may be cool to get some of the kids together during the summer and fall outside of the hectic ski season.  I know one 8-year old who already misses her ski buddies.  Stay tuned...

If you have any questions about D-Team feel free to email me peter@welchvillage.com.  Otherwise, enjoy your spring & summer!

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