Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Spartan Race & Spartan Kids Race this Saturday

I apologize if this is a little late notice but I am assuming that a lot of you already know that we are hosting the Spartan Race this Saturday.  Setup has been taking place since last Friday and this looks to be a very impressive event.  I myself have entered and I am looking forward to the challenge. In addition to the regular Spartan Race, there is a Kid's Spartan Race. It may be a fun way for some D-Team kids to "compete" at Welch is something besides ski racing.  There are two Kid's Races:  A 1/2 mile for ages 4-8 and a 1 mile for ages 9-13.  Both courses will have the kids running up and down hills, rolling in the mud, and going through several fun obstacles.  All three of my daughters are signed up and excited for the challenge (and the mud!). FYI...Spartan Race is charging for spectators as well as parking in addition to the fees for the races.  This is a Spartan event completely.  They are renting the venue from us and in charge of everything except food & beverage, Welch Village is doing that.

Here is the link to the main event page: http://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/826/overview

Here is a link to the Spartan Kids page: http://www.spartankids.com/

I hope you enjoying your summer so far...remember...winter is just around the corner!

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